Tales from the borderlands.

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    Well Looks like another Borderlands is coming soon. This takes place In pandora after borderlands 2... Creator of Walking Dead is involved with this relases! Back to Pandora! :icon_biggrin:


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    Yep Telltale Games. They have done the Walking Dead game and another game called The Wolf Among Us. If they are taking the reins in this game like they did for those to I can tell you that this one will be more focused on story than on gameplay basically like a badass interactive movie but only time will tell. I found some pictures that I believe prove my theory a little bit more.

    In this one you can see that you select the action your robot will do

    And in this one you are obviously choosing what dialogue to say to the man

    My prediction is this game will be a cross between The Walking Dead game where it will be heavily story focused you will "control" the characters by choosing their actions and dialogues that will change the story as you go for a unique experience every time, A little hint of Mass Effect for the dialogue choices, and then add the back story and characters of Borderlands and you have a game that probably won't disappoint like the Walking Dead games didn't but I don't think it will be a shooter game that you expect from a Borderlands title.

    Just don't expect another Borderlands like you have seen from 2 and the pre-sequel.

    This is all just speculation and my gaming knowledge reinforced prediction, only time will tell what kind of game this will be.

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