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    Want to join our clan? Like most clans, we don't recruit based on skills. Skills will come with practice!
    We recruit based on sportsmanship, commetment and dedication. Joining {AW} isn't hard? Just respect all members/gamers and follow our Basic Rules & poof your {AW}!

    To get you started if you don't have a TeamSpeak 3 client already loaded on your computer you can download the proper TS3 Client HERE!

    If you have never used TeamSpeak before and not sure how to set it up just watch this TS3 Tutorial HERE!

    If a member of the clan has not already given you our TS3 server ip and password, PM (private message) either {AW}Laambo or {AW}ResidentEvil and we will PM you back with that info.!

    Keep in mind that there is no real time frame for the process as we like to try and have as many as our current active member get the chance to get to know you as you them!

    Now comes the fun part! Connect and get to know us and have some fun! :new_2gunsfiring_v1:

    Basic Rules to Follow:

    1. DO NOT add the {AW} tag to your name until we have Voted you in!
    2. You are NOT ALLOWED to wear any other clan or "group" tags!
    3. We expect you to play the clans primary game/s at all times!
    4. Participate in Forum Discussions and Regularly check in the forums!
    5. DO NOT argue (or accuse them of cheating) with other clans or players while in game playing! (keep it in TS)
    6. Respect All Players and Members!
    7. When in doubt, ask/contact an Officer of the clan!

    Keep in mind that we have many different personalities in our clan that make each individual unique in there own way! Some members you might find harder to get use to at first than others so be patient as we are pretty much here for the same reason! :instagib:

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