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  1. Vintendo
    Blurring the lines between , Tech and Fun
  2. {AW}Laambo
    {AW}Laambo DxTrEm3Fx
    come join us anytime on TS3 …
    pw: newawts3server

    join our Discord here:
    (hope I did that right! ) lol
  3. {NAK} Rowsbud
    {NAK} Rowsbud
    Hi every one i just wanted to stop by and tell you all your servers are great .Lots of fun playing on them .
  4. [EZE] Cheech
    [EZE] Cheech {AW}Laambo
    Sorry, wouldn't let me put a message of more than 420 characters. BTW 420, nice
  5. [EZE] Cheech
    [EZE] Cheech {AW}Laambo
    The problem is i cannot find any examples of these files so i get the syntax correct. i would obviously want to use some of your mutators and maps in the server as the guys want it so could you help in any way.
    Any help would be appreciated..ANY!!
    Thanx in advance
  6. [EZE] Cheech
    [EZE] Cheech {AW}Laambo
    I have been looking for a guide, tutorial for setting up a server of our own in the UK. I have got a server rented from gtxgaming which i thought would be eze to setup, get my feet wet again as it were but i have found out that everything has changed when it comes to admin of a UT server. The server does not use a server.bat anymore and the game itself is controlled from the game and engine ini files.
  7. [EZE] Cheech
    [EZE] Cheech {AW}Laambo
    Hey Laambo, My name is Cheech, i run an old clan of misfits called [EZE]. We have been out of the UT loop for a while and i'm trying to get the band back together!! (Blues Bros reference, Anyway, myself and some of the guys have been on your hub and obviously love it and thats why i come with the begging bowl
  8. «StørmR¡dêr»™
    Forgot to ask you guys have ut4 and ts servers ?
  9. «StørmR¡dêr»™
    Yo AW what's up this is the Rider old school ut player and also former clan member {AW}Grazer_1's's been a long time take care.
  10. {BHK}Die-All
    {BHK}Die-All {AW}halfblocked
    yo bro accept my origin friend request
  11. {AW}Laambo
    {AW}Laambo BiiiiiTCH
    out TS;

    pw: newawts3server

    if you see me hanging in AFK give me a poke as most likely I'm working on the hunny do list/chores or sitting and working on the server/or a map!
  12. {AW}Laambo
    {AW}Laambo __Kin__
    our TS info is...

    pw: newawts3server

    jump in, hang out and make yourself at home! ; )
  13. {AW}ResidentEvil
    {AW}ResidentEvil MunkieBunz
    Dude come back.... Clan is good now!!
  14. {AW}halfblocked
  15. {AW}halfblocked
    Something something
  16. {AW}SkullBash
    Ask not for whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee.
  17. {AW}halfblocked
    {AW}halfblocked {AW}Laambo
    The king of forum posts.
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